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Administration Unit

Administration Unit

Human Resources

  1. To manage staffing and services

  2. To manage Annual Work Target and prepare Annual Performance Review Report

  3. To handle disciplinary matters and property declaration

  4. To plan staff career development


  1. To coordinate and implement document management system

  2. To manage general administrative matters

  3. To manage official vehicle

  4. To manage Customer’s Day

  5. To manage quality improvement program/activity

  6. To act as secretariat for meetings related to administrative and human resource management

Financial Unit

  1. To manage and control Yearly Federal Allocation for Operating and Development Expenditure (OE and DE)

  2. To prepare Estimated Yearly Budget for OE and DE

  3. To manage and control departmental procurement

  4. To check and prepare financial report

  5. To act as secretariat for Federal Procurement Board at state level

  6. To act as Secretariat for Financial and Account Management Committee

  7. To prepare audit review report

  8. To manage Petty Cash allocation

Information Technology Unit

  1. To manage network system, troubleshooting and hardware/software maintenance

  2. To ensure network security

  3. To prepare multimedia presentation

  4. To manage Sistem Undi Berintegrasi Elektronik

  5. To monitor e-Merah system

  6. To develop and maintain official portal of Perak SDO.

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